Impacting Women’s Health with Targeted Genetic Testing and Personalized Health Management

True Health Group is focused on transforming patient care through integrated diagnostics and services. The company’s genTrue™ test analyzes 26 genes known to increase the risk for multiple cancers. True Health uses Fabric Genomics’ software for clinical interpretation and reporting of results in a user-friendly format to help address hereditary cancer risk while there is still time to affect outcomes.

Fabric Genomics’ interpretation and reporting platform enables laboratories such as True Health to develop standard Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing programs and generate patient guides that are personalized for each patient. The patient guides are created through an automated platform combining the patient’s genetic test results and the patient’s personal and family history. With the company’s Fabric Enterprise software, True Health is providing clinicians and their patients the relevant information they need to manage their healthcare more effectively and take appropriate action.

Additionally, as part of an effort to expand its testing menu in the area of women’s health, True Health, working with Fabric Genomics, has launched True Health’s carrier screening test, planTrue™. Although generating a single comprehensive patient report across multiple assays initially presented a challenge, the True Health team was able to pull data seamlessly from the LIMS and incorporate Fragile X and NGS results into a single comprehensive patient report by using the Fabric Enterprise API and custom fields.


“Our reporting requirements are complex. We didn’t think we would be able to find a vendor with a solution to fit our needs. Fabric Genomics’ ability to generate our automated and thorough patient guides impressed us. Now we are able to double our testing volume without doubling the cost.”
– Wenbo Xu, MD, PhD, DABMGG, FACMG, Senior Lab Director, True Health

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