Reclassification of the Etiology of Infant Mortality With Whole-Genome Sequencing

JAMA Network; February 9, 2023
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Francisco M. De La Vega , Shimul Chowdhury, Barry Moore, Erwin Frise, Jeanette McCarthy, Edgar Javier Hernandez, Terence Wong, Kiely James, Lucia Guidugli, Pankaj B. Agrawal, Casie A. Genetti, Catherine A. Brownstein, Alan H. Beggs, Britt-Sabina Löscher, Andre Franke, Braden Boone, Shawn E. Levy, Katrin Õunap, Sander Pajusalu, Matt Huentelman, Keri Ramsey, Marcus Naymik, Vinodh Narayanan, Narayanan Veeraraghavan, Paul Billings, Martin G. Reese, Mark Yandell and Stephen F. Kingsmore

Fabric GEM ranks >90% of causal genes in top 2 candidates and breaks ground by incorporating SVs and phenotypes in automated AI-driven analysis.

Genome Medicine; October 14, 2021
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