PlumCare and Fabric Genomics Announce a Strategic Partnership to Integrate the Fabric AI Platform with PlumCare’s FirstSteps™ Newborn Genome Screening Program in Greece

Newly formed partnership will empower clinicians to provide timely medical intervention for patients with rare genetic diseases in Greece.

ATHENS, Greece and OAKLAND, Calif. – December 7, 2023PlumCare RWE and Fabric Genomics have partnered to deliver the Fabric AI platform with the PlumCare RWE FirstSteps newborn genome screening program in Greece. The goal of FirstSteps, a population health initiative, is to be able to screen every newborn in Greece by whole genome sequencing within the next five years.

The FirstSteps program will leverage the power of the Fabric AI platform to offer rapid, accurate clinical genomic variant interpretation for whole genome sequencing (WGS) of screened newborns in Greece. Fabric AI technology for interpretation of the human genome, powered by the Fabric GEM AI algorithm, will be adapted into the FirstSteps clinical support tool, empowering clinicians to provide timely medical intervention for patients with rare genetic diseases in Greece.

The introduction of the Fabric AI platform into the national population health initiative FirstSteps represents an extension of a longstanding partnership between the two companies, and it will help create an ecosystem to enable drug discovery and development for rare diseases,” said Petros Tsipouras, MD, Managing Partner of PlumCare RWE and Scientific Director of FirstSteps.

Professor Dimitris Thanos, PhD, Member of the Academy of Athens and Vice Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of FirstSteps said, Bringing the Fabric AI platform to support and speed up our variant interpretation process will enhance the overall performance of the FirstSteps program and help improve the lives of patients with rare genetic diseases in Greece and around the world.”

We are excited to extend our partnership with PlumCareRWE into the new FirstSteps program to bring our genomics AI analysis technology to Greece to support their precision medicine initiative and additionally, to foster an innovation hub in Greece. This partnership will enable us to expand our reach to Europe and improve outcomes for patients,” said Martin Reese, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Fabric Genomics.

Fabric Genomics is proud to support the innovative PlumCare team to improve screening for babies in Greece by customizing its universal platform to the specific needs required in the national FirstSteps program. This partnership comes on the heels of Fabric Genomics’ previously announced successful partnerships with Rady Childrens Institute for Genomic Medicine and with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard offering affordable clinical whole genome analysis in its effort to bring better genomics-based healthcare to all patients.

About PlumCare

PlumCare RWE is at the forefront of biotechnology and healthcare data, harnessing the power of real-world evidence and multi-omics analysis to provide actionable insights that enhance both population health and individual family well-being. Our commitment to precision medicine is evident through our comprehensive services that include early screening, accurate diagnosis, and timely interventions, all aimed at fostering better health outcomes for families. We are dedicated to advancing the discovery and development of novel treatments for genetic diseases within a secure, privacy-compliant, and trusted research environment. Our European headquarters in Athens, Greece is home to our wholly-owned subsidiary RealGenix and the FirstSteps Greece national genome screening initiative. At PlumCare RWE, we are passionate about creating a healthier future for families through innovation and personalized care. For more information visit and our LinkedIn page.

About Fabric Genomics

Fabric Genomics is transforming healthcare through its AI-driven interpretation of the human genome. The company provides organizations with end-to-end clinical sequence analysis solutions that include the Fabric Enterprise software platform and expert clinical interpretation services needed to scale genetic testing. At the core of our platform is a suite of sophisticated AI algorithms and data knowledge systems that turn genomic data into expert clinical insights. Headquartered in Oakland, California, Fabric Genomics supports clinical applications across a variety of use cases including rare disease, oncology, cardiovascular, neurological and womens health. To learn more, visit and follow us on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.

Media Contact for PlumCare:
Paris Tafas

Media Contact for Fabric Genomics:
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Date: December 7, 2023