Why Fabric

Fabric enables clinicians to truly deliver precision medicine by quickly and accurately interpreting genomic data. With Fabric Enterprise, hospitals and labs achieve the highest diagnostic yield and fastest turnaround of any genomic analysis platform.

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Key Benefits

The Leader in AI-Driven Genomic Interpretation

Fabric leads the industry in the use of AI for genome interpretation. Beginning in 2011 with VAAST (Yandell et al, Genome Research), expanding with Phevor in 2014 (Singleton et al, AJHG), VVP in 2018 (Flygare et al, BMC Bioinf.), and now with GEM in 2020, Fabric Genomics has pioneered analyzing and interpreting complex genomic data using AI-based approaches to accurately prioritize the most relevant variants and likely diagnosis.


Single Platform to Accelerate NGS Diagnostic Testing

Fabric Enterprise was designed to support all NGS-based diagnostic tests regardless of test type or scale. Starting with raw data or variant calls from whole genome, exome, or panel tests, the Fabric Enterprise platform enables efficient workflows for annotating, interpreting, report generation, and sign-off as well as a full suite of clinical services to get your lab up and running quickly.


Increased Diagnostic Yield

Our GEM algorithm has achieved a new standard of accuracy, enabling labs to achieve the highest diagnostic yield. GEM has been shown to identify the causative variant as the #1 candidate in approximately 90% of cases and in the top 5 in over 95% of cases, well beyond the accuracy of any other solution available.


Secure and Regulatory Compliant

Our cloud solution incorporates comprehensive data and network security protocols. Fabric maintains compliance programs for HIPAA, ISO 27001, FDA 21 CFR part 11, and CLIA and CAP regulations.

Case Studies

Discover how Fabric Genomics can help your lab succeed with NGS testing using our automated platform for analysis and interpretation