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Genomic Interpretation
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Clinical interpretation, not just data analysis

Most NGS interpretation platforms go from sequencing data to variant lists.

Fabric Enterprise automates the whole review process, recommending just
1 or a few causative variants

clinical review
Pathogenic variant classification for panels

Speeding up diagnostics across key clinical applications

Combine genotype and phenotype data to identify and prioritize rare disease-causing variants using machine learning 


Accelerate analysis to deliver timely, critical diagnosis for acutely ill infants

Hereditary Panels

Leverage AI and a proprietary variant database to generate customized hereditary reports

Oncology Panels

Match cancer variants with treatments and clinical trials for physician-ready oncology reports

Dr. Stephen Kingsmore headshot

Accuracy, usability and speed are critical in the applicaiton of genetic interpertation, which is why we chose to work with [Fabric Genomics] as a key partner in the process.

Dr. Stephen Kingsmore, President and CEO, Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine

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ESHG 2021

August 28-31st. Come learn about our gene prioritization algorithm that analyzes both SNVs and SVs in a single step, enabling rapid identification of causal variants for rare genetic diseases.

AMP Europe 2021

June 14-18th. Join us at AMP Europe 2021 to learn more about our novel AI-based solution, GEM in our poster “An Artificial Intelligence Based Approach for Rapid Diagnosis of NICU Patients.”

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