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Premier Software Platform for Genomic Analysis and Reporting

One Platform, Any Test

Single platform supports analysis of any NGS test – genomes, exomes, panels.

  • Pediatric genetics
  • Rare diseases
  • Oncology
  • Neurology
  • Carrier screening

Sequence to Physician‑Ready Report

Clinical-grade data analysis with unprecedented speed and quality.

  • Fully customizable clinical reports
  • Ready for sign out in < 2 hr for whole genome
  • Enabling causative candidate yields as high as 50%

Automated Phenotype‑Based Interpretation

AI technology drives scientific accuracy and efficiency.

  • Advanced probabilistic ranking algorithms: VAAST and Phevor
  • Automated support for ACMG and CAP guidelines for classification
  • Fabric classified variant database

Transforming Healthcare Through AI‑Driven Clinical Genomic Insights

Fabric Enterprise is in use by clinical laboratories, hospital systems, and country sequencing programs.

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