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Introducing a scalable AI variant classification engine that reduces turnaround time to minutes

Fabric Hereditary Panels with ACE now available for inherited cancers, ACMG incidental findings, and newborn screening

Focused panels that deliver rapid AI-driven insights

Fabric Hereditary Panels with ACE are curated Fabric Enterprise gene panels that accelerate your genomic interpretation and reporting. ACE is currently available for over 90 genes in the most commonly used genetic testing panels. These panels are powered by the Artificial Intelligence Classification Engine (ACE), an extensively validated, automated ACMG classification engine. ACE leverages deep gene and variant annotation for highly accurate ACMG variant classification. ACE is embedded into Fabric Enterprise for a complete FASTQ-to-clinical report workflow.

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Fabric Hereditary Panels powered by ACE

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ACMG-compliant classification backed by validation across
> 50,000 variants

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Reduce turnaround time from sequence to report down to minutes per case

NGS analysis scalability


Increase scalability while reducing personnel costs by removing interpretation bottlenecks

Highly accurate, validated variant classification

ACE has been validated across greater than 50,000 variants to-date across a broad range of genes in panels, including ACMG incidental findings, inherited cancers and newborn screening tests. For instance, over 4,000 variants from ClinVar (2 or 3 star) were classified using ACE. ACE fully classified 95% of the P/LP variants and 77% of the B/LB variants and had 100% match with the ClinVar classifications for these variants. No variants were incorrectly classified.

Fabric Enterprise ACE Chart

Download the ACMG 2019 poster to learn more about this data.

Drive turnaround time down to minutes

Fabric Hereditary Panels are a part of Fabric Enterprise, which enables hospitals and labs to achieve the most accurate clinical interpretation and fastest turnaround of any genomic analysis platform. With its accurate alignment and variant calling, up-to-date variant annotation, and configurable SOP-based workflows, Fabric Enterprise strengthens labs’ processes with a best-in-class bioinformatics pipeline. ACE enhances the Fabric Enterprise platform, making ACMG classification even faster and easier. The software reduces VUS backlogs and grows your lab’s classified variant database with each approved clinical report.

High-confidence results in minutes


Comprehensive coverage of most common genetic panels

Fabric Enterprise provides robust support for panel testing across varied indications in genetic testing, from panel curation to variant classification and reporting. Fabric Hereditary Panels with ACE leverage deep gene-disease curation to optimize variant classification for the most common genetic panels.

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