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Pediatric Diagnosis with Genomic Panels

When children first present with symptoms that might be due to an underlying genetic cause, prompt genomic testing can lead to significantly better outcomes. Fabric Genomics enables clinical interpretation of disease-specific sequencing panels, so hospitals can rapidly diagnose and identify potential treatments. With Fabric Enterprise, hospitals can easily launch and scale panel testing for many conditions including developmental disorders, epilepsies, neurodevelopmental conditions, skeletal disorders, cardiac conditions, and pediatric oncology.

Examples of targeted sequencing panels for pediatric screening include:

Eye disorders like early onset glaucoma, congenital cataracts, and Leber congenital amaurosis

Developmental disorders like Angelman syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and Rett syndrome

Cardiac conditions such as arrhythmia, heterotaxy, tetralogy of Fallot, dextrocardia, and primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD)

Skin disorders like ectodermal dysplasia and cardio-facio-cutaneous syndrome

Skeletal disorders like osteogenesis imperfecta, skeletal ciliopathies, and craniosynostosis

Pediatric oncology, including solid tumors, sarcomas, and hematological malignancies

Sequencing Panels for Newborn Screening

Screening newborns for harmful disorders that might not be apparent at birth, but are treatable if caught early, is critical for better clinical outcomes. Fabric Genomics dramatically accelerates accurate variant identification, classification, and clinical reporting, fulfilling the clinical potential of sequencing-based screening.

Rapid and Accurate Panel Testing with Reduced Labor Costs

The time and labor associated with bioinformatic processing, variant annotation, and clinical reporting can exceed the combined cost of library prep and sequencing. Fabric Enterprise enables hospitals to provide accurate NGS testing in-house with comprehensive, up-to-date annotations and rapid interpretation workflows. Fabric Enterprise natively supports both targeted assays and in silico panels from a more comprehensive assay.

ACMG Classification Workflow and Classified Variant Database

Fabric’s intuitive ACMG scoring workflow accelerates accurate and consistent classification of variants. Classified variants are added to a growing variant database that is referenced during subsequent analysis. As the number of clinically reported cases grows, more variant classifications can be reused, further reducing the turnaround time to sign out reports.

Powerful Genomic Interpretation for Children’s Hospitals of All Sizes

Fabric Enterprise is designed to support all NGS-based diagnostic tests regardless of test type or scale. Starting from either raw data or variant calls from whole genome, exome, or panel tests, Fabric Enterprise provides efficient workflows for genome annotation, interpretation, clinical report generation, and sign-off. And Fabric’s scalable cloud solution incorporates comprehensive data and network security protocols.

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