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Enabling precision medicine with AI-driven interpretation

For all NGS testing from whole genomes and exomes to targeted panels

Fabric Genomics offers the leading AI-based platform for NGS analysis, interpretation, and clinical reporting for rare disease, hereditary risk, and cancer testing with best-in-class accuracy and scalability. 

Dozens of the worlds leading hospitals, clinical labs, and academic centers such as Cincinnati Children’s, InterMountain, Rady Children’s Institute, LabCorp, and others count on Fabric AI technology and Fabric’s clinical services for their complete NGS software and services needs. 


Why Fabric?

Accuracy &
Diagnostic Yield
  • 98% of causal variants ranked in the top 5 by GEM for rare disease
  • ACMG-compliant classification backed by validation across
    > 50,000 variants
& Efficiency
  • 10 times more cases with the same team
  • Average clinical review time of 15min for WGS
  • Optimized workflow for efficient throughput, secure, API integration with LIMS & EMR
Comprehensive Software
& Services
  • Get up and running in as little as 4 weeks
  • Software Set up & Lab Validation
  • Panel curation and SOP design
  • Interpretation and signout


Martin Reese, Ph.D. headshot

Martin Reese, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, President, Board Member, and CEO

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John Stuelpnagel, D.V.M headshot

John Stuelpnagel, D.V.M

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Jim Tananbaum, M.D.

Board Member

Paul Billings headshot

Paul Billings, M.D., Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Acting Chief Medical Officer

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Sean Hofherr, PhD, FACMG

Chief Operating Officer and Clinical Director

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Michael Vishnevetsky, PhD

Michael Vishnevetsky, Ph.D.

Vice President of Business Development

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Joe Azure

Vice President of Software Engineering

Erwin Frise, Ph.D.

Vice President of Technology and Data Science 

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David Kulp

Vice President of Bioinformatics

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Scientific & Medical Advisory Board

Edward Kiruluta

Edward Kiruluta

Co-Founder, Fabric Genomics

Mark Yandell, PhD headshot

Mark Yandell, Ph.D.

University of Utah & USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery

Thomas Quertermous headshot

Thomas Quertermous, M.D.

Stanford University Cardiovascular Medicine & VIA Pharmaceuticals

Joshua Schiffman

Joshua Schiffman, M.D.

University of Utah School of Medicine & Huntsman Cancer Institute

Gholson Lyon

Gholson Lyon, M.D., Ph.D.

Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities (IBR)

Lee Hood headshot

Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D.

Institute for Systems Biology & University of Washington

Paul Flicek headshot

Paul Flicek, D.Sc.

European Bioinformatics Institute


Seed funding
Publishing of VAAST
June 2011
Publishing of Phevor
April 2014
Guiness Record/Rady
February 2018

March 2019
GEM Release
October 2020


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