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Fabric Genomics to Co-market Comprehensive Sample-to-Genomic Analysis Sequencing Solutions for Hereditary Genetics

In a step toward the full realization of genomic medicine, Fabric Genomics, a leader in AI-based genomic analysis and interpretation, has announced a co-marketing agreement that will provide translational researchers around the world with integrated sample prep to reporting workflows. Combining Roche’s newly released KAPA HyperExome Probes (RUO) with the

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Fabric Genomics Launches GEM Algorithm to Accelerate Genetic Disease Diagnosis, Provide Comprehensive Clinical-Decision Support

Fabric Genomics, a global leader in clinical interpretation of genomic data, announced today the launch of Fabric GEM, a novel algorithm that quickly and efficiently identifies the likely genetic cause of rare diseases from next-generation sequencing data – enabling faster diagnosis and the possibility of faster and more effective treatment.

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Fabric Genomics and XIFIN Partner to Expand Access to Clinical Genomics

Clinical genomic testing and next-generation sequencing (NGS) are integral parts of realizing the potential of precision medicine, but the data complexity and technical integrations needed to make genomic data clinically meaningful and routinized have slowed mainstream adoption of these breakthrough technologies. Today, Fabric Genomics, a global leader in clinical interpretation of genomic data, announced a

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Fabric Genomics Announces AI-based ACMG Classification Solution for Genetic Testing with Hereditary Panels

Fabric Genomics will launch a new solution this week for variant interpretation and clinical reporting, allowing clinical laboratories to dramatically accelerate turnaround times. This new software solution, called Fabric Hereditary Panels with ACE (AI Classification Engine), will debut at the ACMG annual meeting in Seattle, Washington. The solution incorporates an

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Diagnomics Introduces ACMG 59 Reports for Personalized Genetic Testing

Diagnomics, a leading genetic testing company, has developed a new ACMG 59 report that is available to healthcare providers and their patients to complement Diagnomics’ portfolio of Personalized Genomics. Diagnomics has partnered with Fabric Genomics to use Fabric Enterprise, its clinical decision-support platform, to generate clinical insights for the report.

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Fabric Genomics and Genomenon Sign Partnership Agreement to Speed Genomic Interpretation

Fabric Genomics and Genomenon announced today that they have entered into a partnership with the goal of further strengthening clinical genomic interpretation and variant classification. Fabric Genomics speeds and scales genomic interpretation by combining the most advanced AI algorithms with automated workflows, while Genomenon’s literature search engine facilitates comprehensive literature

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