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Fabric Genomics enables hospitals and health systems to
offer comprehensive precision medicine for all stages of life

Risk Screening
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Diagnostic Constitutional
Panel Testing
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Rare Disease

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Benefits of in-house testing

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Reduce Turnaround Time

Process samples 1-2 weeks faster than send out

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Increase Diagnostic Yields

Use intimate patient knowledge to improve diagnosis

Full Data Ownership

Retain genomic data for simple re-analysisand longitudinal care

Generate Revenue

Keep reimbursements payments in-house


  • Best-in-class clinical review time for WGS/WES
  • Best-in-class diagnostics yields for rare disease
  • Single platform for panels, WGS, and WES
  • Clinical services to help you get started

Sucess stories from leaders in precision medicine

Intermountain Healthcare has been leveraging Fabric Enterprise since 2018 for in house genomic data analysis allowing them to demonstrate a leading commitment to precision medicine:

  • Inhera family of clinical tests for BRCA1/2, breast and gynecological cancer, lynch, and colorectal cancer
  • 105 gene Heredigene Population Study

At Intermountain, Genomic data and clinical reporting are seamlessly integrated into the EMR for access by clinicians, and genetic counselors are available via telehealth to promptly assist patients with their results. 

Rady Children’s Hospital has been using Fabric Enterprise to improve outcomes for NICU patients since 2016. Their accomplishments include:

Record setting turnaround time: 

  • < 20 hours for rapid WGS-from blood draw to diagnosis
  • < 1 hour interpretation turnaround time
  • Project Baby Bear: 43% of patients receive a diagnosis and 31% had a change in care plan 
  • Cost saving, fewer surgeries and invasive procedures, and an average savings of ~3 hospital days per baby


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