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Interpretation is a crucial component but only one part of the overall workflow. Fabric Genomics’ Clinical Service, Fabric Clinical, is CLIA and CAP accredited. Our expert, dedicated in-house team ensures your laboratory attains excellence throughout the entire test process, spanning from setup to reporting.

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Our laboratory scientists and services team assist with assay design and validation, including custom gene panel design, gene curation, configuration of standard operating procedures, software deployment and integration with laboratory information systems.

Our Fabric Enterprise software automates variant calling and variant interpretation, including the incorporation of phenotypic data to streamline conversion of raw genomic data into clinically meaningful and actionable insights.​

Our network of ABMGG board-certified & board-eligible professionals and clinical variant scientists provide interpretation and sign out. Our team has broad experience across disease areas, and can enable labs to launch testing quickly while still ramping up staffing, or for long-term needs for interpretation.

A physician-ready clinical report is generated within the Fabric Enterprise software, output either as a lab-branded, professionally formatted PDF or as structured data.

Getting started is simple

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Step 1

Our implementation team will help you finalize your test launch plan

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Step 2

We set up Fabric Enterprise for your lab including clinical workflows

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Step 3

Collect samples
and sequence

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Step 4

Fully automated interpretation
delivers reports in minutes

Step 5

Our team of clinical experts assists in finalizing interpretation and drafting reports, as needed

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