ASHG 2023 Industry Session | Fabric Genomics

ASHG 2023 Industry Session: Watch On-Demand

Accelerating biomedical research while also supporting clinical implementation and return of results with both WGS and a blended genome-exome

ASHG 2023 Industry Education Session

Broad Clinical Labs has developed an affordable clinical Whole Genome with interpretation and reporting capabilities through Fabric Genomics platform. This assay is being used to support both screening and diagnostic applications. 

Dive into our on-demand ASHG video presentation, where our expert speaker shared valuable insights, innovative solutions, and real-world use cases in scalable clinical sequencing and interpretation.


Robert C. Green, MD, MPH,

Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School Geneticist, Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Diana M. Toledo, PhD, HCLD

Associate Lab Director at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Sean Hofherr, PhD, FACMG,

Chief Operating Officer and Clinical Director, Fabric Genomics

Elizabeth Rountree, MBA

Diagnostics Lead, COMBINEDBrain

Turn your diagnostic odysseys into answers