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Meet Fabric GEM™

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10:00 AM PT July 7th, 2020

Fabric GEM™ builds upon VAAST and Phevor, achieving near-instant identification of disease-causing variants in WGS & WES for rare disease diagnosis. 

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Fabric Genomics is excited to introduce the next-generation of our industry-leading AI for fast rare disease diagnosis: Fabric GEM™. As showcased by Drs. Mark Yandell and Francisco De La Vega at multiple conferences including AGBT and ACMG, Fabric GEM achieves near-instant identification of disease-causing genes in WGS & WES for rare disease.

Please join us for our upcoming webinar to learn more about the advanced benefits of Fabric GEM, which include interpretation times of as little as 15 minutes and low-labor re-analysis. Brent Lutz, Fabric’s Director of Product Management, will detail the GEM Early Access Program and provide a demo of the product features. See how the next generation of AI-driven genomics significantly simplifies disease-causing variant identification over prior standards. You don’t want to miss it.

Key Features of Fabric GEM

  • Near-instant identification of rare disease genes
  • Consistently reduces clinical review
  • Robust to common sequencing artifacts and cryptic ancestry
  • Predicts consanguinity and inheritance mode
  • Takes advantage of automated deep phenotyping

Speaker Bio

Brent Lutz is the Director of Product Management for Fabric Genomics. Brent is an accomplished product leader with 14 years’ experience building and
commercializing automation systems for molecular biology and diagnostic
applications. With unique expertise spanning product development, Brent has served as Senior Engineer and Product Strategy Manager at Synkera Technologies Inc. before gaining experience founding his own bioengineering company devoted to development and commercialization of automated systems to accelerate life sciences technology. Having worked through levels of product leadership, Brent brings both innovation and mastery to the Fabric Genomics team to help encourage wide adoption of the next frontier of genomics: AI-driven, scalable analysis with pinpointed precision. 

Fabric Genomics' Brent Lutz

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