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Fabric Hx for Cancer: Breast & Ovarian

Turnkey sample-to-report hereditary breast and ovarian cancer testing solution that will enable any laboratory to deliver high quality clinical reporting confidently and cost effectively

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing is crucial for breast & ovarian cancer care

  • Streamlined Implementation & Operations
    Integrated workflow solution including lab set up and validation plan, AI interpretation and reporting tools, and orthogonal testing options
  • High Accuracy You & Your Patients Can Trust
    Short-read sequencing solutions that deliver the highest levels of accuracy for both single nucleotide variations (SNVs) and structural variations (SVs; also referred to as copy number deletion/duplication events)
  • Designed for Cost Effectiveness
    Right set of genes based on clinical value and ability to operationalize most efficiently

Streamlined Implementation & Operations

  • Optimized lab set up and validation protocol to get started quickly and efficiently
  • Built-in, best-in-class AI interpretation and reporting tools
  • Integrated workflow allows orthogonal solution for structural variants

* Positive samples can be sent out for confirmatory testing

High Accuracy You & Your Patients Can Trust

  • >99.98% sensitivity for SNVs and indels
  • >99.9% specificity for SNVs, indels, and SVs
  • >97% sensitivity for long and short CNVs (SVs)

Structural Variant Detection—BRCA1: Long CNV caller is optimized for detecting large deletion events such as >2 KB and Short CNV caller for events starting at single exon level.

Designed for Cost Effectiveness

  • Covers all genes recommended by NCCN Guidelines
  • Consistent coverage of genes with top send-out labs
  • Cost-effective solution with high accuracy and faster average TAT

BRCA1 (BRCA1, DNA repair associated), BRCA2 (BRCA2, DNA repair associated) (e.g., hereditary breast and ovarian cancer) CPT code requires; full sequence analysis and full duplication/deletion analysis (i.e., detection of gene rearrangements and CNVs)

Assumes 10% reflex rate for positive samples

Fabric is the leader in NGS testing and clinical interpretation


Ready for turnkey sample-to-report hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk reporting?