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Launching NGS Testing Has Never Been Easier

Kick off your testing program in as little as 4 weeks.

Analysis is no longer a bottleneck

Next generation sequencing is rapidly transforming
health care, but the complexity of data analysis can
be a stumbling block for labs without in-house

Fabric Enterprise empowers labs by offering
automated, fast and highly-accurate AI algorithms
for common genomic panel tests.

Hereditary Cancers

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Cardiac Conditions


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Carrier Screening

Don't miss out on reimbursement

NGS panel testing is highly profitable. Learn how you can save time cost, and personnel by running multiple tests on a single assay

Learn how to multiply your profits

Smart algorithms and efficient clinical workflows reduce interpretation costs for NGS tests by ~50-75%

We’ll help you set up panel testing at all stages

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Step 1

Our implementation team will help you finalize your test launch plan

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Step 2

We set up Fabric Enterprise for your lab including clinical workflows

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Step 3

Collect samples
and sequence

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Step 4

Fully automated interpretation
delivers reports in minutes

Step 5

Our team of clinical experts assists in finalizing interpretation and drafting reports, as needed

Still not sure?

Get the facts on affordable NGS panel testing in these Case Studies

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Launching and Scaling

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