Hereditary Cancer Testing
Data Sheet

Hereditary Cancer Testing

Is your Clinical Lab Considering Launching NGS Testing for Hereditary Cancer?

Fabric Genomics possesses deep genomics expertise to help your lab quickly launch and scale NGS testing. We work with many labs that are transitioning to genomics, including labs that don’t yet have in-house NGS experience. 

Fabric Genomics is the leading provider of interpretation software for genomic testing, providing best-in-class interpretation software. We can start with raw data from the sequencer (FASTQs) or VCFs to seamlessly generate clinical reports. Further, Fabric Enterprise delivers automated ACMG-compliant classification powered by ACE—Fabric’s AI variant Classification Engine—as well as known variant knowledgebases, so you can generate physician-ready, customized clinical reports. 

For labs looking to quickly launch hereditary cancer testing, Fabric’s clinical reporting works out of the box with any panel, including the Illumina TruSight Cancer panel as well as custom panels. Fabric Genomics’ flexible software allows panels to be defined in minutes, including virtual, or in silico, panels where a subset of genes in the wet lab assay are reported on. This flexibility allows a lab to run multiple tests off of a single wet lab assay, from a BRCA1/2 test to a comprehensive cancer panel. 

Fabric Genomics works closely with partners to enable the successful launch of your NGS testing: 

  • Clinical lab set up, accreditation, and test validation 
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems 
  • Clinical Services for interpretation and sign-out 

Fabric supports a broad range of reimbursable tests in addition to hereditary cancer testing that labs can add over time





Customer Case Study 

In late 2018, Fabric Genomics was selected by a lab that was running toxicology and other testing and wanted to expand to NGS testing. The lab selected the Illumina TruSight Cancer panel (Canadian) for their wet lab assay. 

The Fabric implementation was completed in six weeks, including creation of their test menu and integration with their LIMS. Fabric Genomics has existing integrations with multiple LIMS providers, saving valuable implementation time and cost. The implementation was guided by Fabric’s rapid implementation blueprint. Implementations average three months across our customer base of commercial labs and hospital systems. 

Now running over 1,000 tests per month, this customer offers a comprehensive panel as well as several sub-panels. This broad test menu allows physicians to order tests based on their patients’ clinical indications. The customer works with a Fabric partner for efficient interpretation and sign-out of their clinical cases, enabling the customer to rapidly launch and scale their NGS testing before bringing on full-time molecular staff.