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Roche and Fabric partner to deliver a rapid, end-to-end workflow from sample preparation to meaningful insight


Removing obstacles to success

There can be many obstacles to success in next-generation sequencing and removing those could revolutionize research. First, an optimal workflow can help you get the most out of your precious samples. The KAPA sample prep solution from Roche provides an integrated streamlined solution that enables you to unlock difficult genomic regions with improved performance, turn-around time and minimized hands-on time. After sequencing, a robust analytics solution is needed to quickly validate and utilize the data. Fabric Genomics turns raw genomic sequence data into high-quality, meaningful insights.

Focus on what really matters

Workflow icon  Seamless workflow

From the KAPA HyperCap streamlined workflow to Fabric analysis from raw sequence data to report

Speed icon  Minimize time

Easily automatable KAPA reagents with streamlined data management with Fabric’s API for LIMS* integrations, enables a rapid turnaround with less hands-on time

Scale icon  Scalability

Scale with ease using these streamlined, automated solutions and Fabric’s secure, cloud-based architecture

Support icon  Proven expertise

As pioneers in sequencing, Roche and Fabric expertise in sample prep and reporting to offer a complete, end-to-end solution for a variety of research such as Rare Disease and Hereditary Research

From sample preparation
to meaningful insights

Fabric Genomics provides a comprehensive platform for tertiary analysis, reporting, and systems integration

Support a variety of research:
Panels to exomes to genomes

Fabric Genomics provides a comprehensive genome interpretation platform with a proprietary set of advanced algorithms for the data you want to analyze – whether you are identifying causal variants in whole exome and genome data, or classifying variants in focused panels.


Diagnostic Odyssey



Target icon. Accurate genomic analysis and variant ranking

Hereditary Panels

Oncology Panels

Oncology Panels

Get rapid insights and a user-friendly experience

Fabric Enterprise is a comprehensive computational genomics platform supporting high throughput panels, exomes and whole genomes for hereditary disease and oncology.


Advanced capabilities in one sleek application

  • Accurate alignment and variant calling
  • ACMG and AMP guideline-driven variant classification and interpretation
  • Customizable report generation
  • and more…

Ready to experience fast,
comprehensive genomic analysis?

KAPA products are for research use only and are not for use in diagnostic procedures.