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Flexible Platform for Genome Analysis

Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®) uses Fabric Genomics’ platform for its clinical trials sequencing services. LabCorp’s broad menu of testing services, combined with Fabric Genomics’ flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use genome analysis platform, will allow the companies to provide a comprehensive suite of expert tools and services for incorporating genomic data into clinical trials. Fabric Genomics’ software allows users to quickly and easily annotate genomes, analyze variant data, and generate customized clinical reports for individual patients and research projects across a broad range of disease states and clinical trial designs. Customers can also store, analyze, and manage their clinical trial data within a highly secure environment.

The Fabric Genomics/LabCorp collaboration addresses the growing demand for NGS-derived biomarker data. This effort also highlights LabCorp’s continued focus on biomarker development to support clinical trial activities. The collaboration will enable customers of both companies to easily integrate NGS data into clinical trials and carry out studies quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Fabric Genomics provides state-of-the-art genome analysis software using proprietary algorithms, scalable interpretation solutions, and curated pharmacogenomics modules and content, all within a secure environment. Fabric Genomics also allows users to generate customizable clinical reports and accommodates various trial sizes and designs.

“Demand for well annotated and meaningful biomarker data to guide clinical trial design and execution is on the rise.  By integrating our breakthrough genomic interpretation software with LabCorp’s clinical trials sequencing services into a complete and comprehensive solution, the analysis of genomic data can be easily and effectively integrated within clinical trials.”
– Mike Aicher, Board Member at
Fabric Genomics

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