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As complementary pioneers in sequencing, Roche offers streamlined sample prep and Fabric Genomics offers robust analytics. We’ve partnered to provide a complete, end-to-end solution for a variety of genomic research areas, including rare disease and hereditary screening.



Our AI-driven platform, Fabric Enterprise, enables fast, efficient analysis and reporting of genomic data. XIFIN LIS 6 supports NGS workflows and facilitates multidisciplinary care team collaboration. We’ve teamed up to help labs quickly launch and scale NGS programs and tests.



Fabric Enterprise combines the most advanced AI algorithms with automated workflows, while Genomenon’s literature search engine facilitates comprehensive literature review for accurate interpretation. We’ve partnered to integrate and co-market our solutions to strengthen genomic interpretation.


BlueBee develops regulatory compliant and user-centric precision medicine infrastructures. We’re partnering to enhance the value of genomic technologies with rapidly configurable genomics data analysis solutions.

Blackhawk Genomics


Blackhawk Genomics helps labs implement NGS workflows via comprehensive laboratory consulting to take clients from concept to success and scale.

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