Rapid Whole-Genomic Sequencing and a Targeted Neonatal Gene Panel in Infants With a Suspected Genetic Disorder

JAMA. 2023
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Bennet Peterson, Edgar Javier Hernandez, Charlotte Hobbs, Sabrina Malone Jenkins, Barry Moore, Edwin Rosales, Samuel Zoucha, Erica Sanford, Matthew N. Bainbridge, Erwin Frise, Albert Oriol, Luca Brunelli, Stephen F. Kingsmore & Mark Yandell

Rapidly and efficiently identifying critically ill infants for whole genome sequencing (WGS) is a costly and challenging task currently performed by scarce, highly trained experts and is a major bottleneck for application of WGS in the NICU. There is a dire need for automated means to prioritize patients for WGS.

Genome Medicine; 16 March 2023
Pubmed Abstract
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