Targeted next generation sequencing of a panel of autism-related genes identifies an EHMT1 mutation in a Kleefstra syndrome patient with autism and normal intellectual performance

Gene, Volume 595, Issue 2, 31 December 2016, Pages 131–141
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Fabric Genomics’ (formerly Omicia) Opal clinical genetic interpretation software was used to identify an EHMT1 mutation in autism.  “Phenotypic effects of the final candidate variants were evaluated using the ACMG guidelines & Omicia Opal.”  Opal has integrated the most up-to-date ACMG classification guidelines in the software.

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Brady Tucker, Elizabeth Aguilar and Daniel Gurnon

See how the Rare Genomics Institute (RGI) is using Fabric Genomics' (formerly Omicia) Opal interpretation platform for exome analysis of 3 patients.  "Data analysis is performed with Omicia Opal, a web-based genome interpretation and reporting software platform integrating the machine learning algorithms VAAST and Phevor. We summarize our use of the Omicia Opal platform in three cases that represent the range of outcomes that can result from exome analysis; in one case we identified a likely pathogenic variant in the RDH12, associated with Leber’s congenital amourosis; in a second case we identified a possibly pathogenic variant in IFT140, associated with Jeune syndrome; and in a third case we identified variants of uncertain significance in genes associated with Sotos and Weaver syndrome. Opal integrates VAAST and Phevor algorithms."