Genetic and clinical variables act synergistically to impact neurodevelopmental outcomes in children with single ventricle heart disease

Communications Medicine, 3, Article number: 127 (2023)
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Jill L. Maron, MD, MPH; Stephen Kingsmore, MD; Bruce D. Gelb, MD; Jerry Vockley, MD, PhD; Kristen Wigby, MD; Jennifer Bragg, MD; Annemarie Stroustrup, MD, MPH; Brenda Poindexter, MD, MS; Kristen Suhrie, MD; Jae H. Kim, MD, PhD; Thomas Diacovo, MD, PhD; Cynthia M. Powell, MD, MS; Andrea Trembath, MD, MPH; Lucia Guidugli, PhD; Katarzyna A. Ellsworth, PhD; Dallas Reed, MD; Anne Kurfiss, MPH; Janis L. Breeze, MPH; Ludovic Trinquart, PhD; Jonathan M. Davis, MD

OBJECTIVE: To compare outcomes of genomic sequencing with those of a targeted neonatal gene-sequencing test.