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Study Shows Fabric Genomics’ Algorithm Can Speed Up, Increase Genetic Disease Diagnoses Through Rapid Identification of Structural Variants

In a study involving 56 rare genetic disease cases with causal SVs, Fabric GEM – Fabric Genomics’ AI gene-ranking algorithm – provided a unified approach to analyzing SVs and SNVs in a single step, correctly identifying 96 percent of these SVs. Moreover, GEM identified the causal SV in the top five list of all candidates (SVs and SNVs) 93 percent of the time, requiring review of fewer than five candidates per case.

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Fabric Genomics and Roche to Co-market Comprehensive Sample-to-Genomic Analysis Sequencing Solutions for Hereditary Genetics

In a step toward the full realization of genomic medicine, Fabric Genomics, a leader in AI-based genomic analysis and interpretation, has announced a co-marketing agreement that will provide translational researchers around the world with integrated sample prep to reporting workflows. Combining Roche’s newly released KAPA HyperExome Probes (RUO) with the

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Fabric Genomics Launches GEM Algorithm to Accelerate Genetic Disease Diagnosis, Provide Comprehensive Clinical-Decision Support

Fabric Genomics, a global leader in clinical interpretation of genomic data, announced today the launch of Fabric GEM, a novel algorithm that quickly and efficiently identifies the likely genetic cause of rare diseases from next-generation sequencing data – enabling faster diagnosis and the possibility of faster and more effective treatment.

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